Pastor Sombo Makosa

Pastor Sombo Makosa is the Youth Pastor at Miracle Life Family Church and has overseen the Youth department since 2015. She gave her life to Christ in 2003, but only began living a Christ-centred life in 2010 after God saved her from a near-death experience. Despite her running away from God, He relentlessly pursued her and she finally decided to say yes to His call and to use her painful life experiences to minister to others.

After pursuing a degree in Microbiology at the University of Zambia, Sombo went on to graduate from Rhema Zambia in 2014. She has a passion for children and youth because it is at these critical developmental stages that belief systems are formed. As one who knows firsthand the damage that wrong belief systems can do to self-worth and identity, she wholeheartedly endeavours to help youth see themselves as Christ sees them. Her mission is to come up with plans, ideas, and recommendations that will birth what God has put in the youth and leaders in her sphere of influence.