In May of 1998, missionaries David and Cheryl Newberry started Miracle Life Family Church as directed by God’s spirit.  The church began with 17 people at the Pamodzi Hotel in Lusaka.  Year by year, hurting people were restored, leaders were developed and the church began to grow with steady progress.  Ministries were established to help the lives of people and God’s hand was evident.  The church met at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre and later at the former Oasis building on Great East Road.

During 2003, Pastor Newberry began to sense God’s direction that a change of leadership should take place.  He began to pray and discuss with Walker and Haley Schurz about becoming the next pastors of Miracle Life.  Walker and Haley were living in South Africa and leading a ministry that taught and trained pastors and leaders in Southern Africa.

In January of 2004, Walker and Haley Schurz became the senior pastors.  The transition and God’s grace at the time was evident. The church and its existing leaders took up the challenge to fulfill its divine mandate. Since 2004, God has blessed the church with steady direction and growth.  Staff and leaders have been added and now the church touches the lives of 3,300 people each Sunday during the Sunday services.  The church has extensive ministry for children, youth and young adults and their lives are transformed by God’s grace and love.

Through countless miracles and acts of faith, the church purchased 20 acres of land and built a new property along Zambezi Road in Roma.  This property has been home to MLFC since 2010. MLFC members sacrificed to create a beautiful facility that enables them to fulfill the vision God tasked them to do. Many find it hard to believe that 95% of the funds for the campus came from Zambia, with no one family or individual giving more than 5% of the total.

Miracle Life is a church where God’s word is presented clearly for people to understand, believe and live.  The Holy Spirit works to help, heal and impact the lives of thousands.  MLFC has embraced a mission to Share Christ, Mature Believers and Change the World.  This is happening every day and through a variety of activities. The days ahead look bright for Miracle Life Family Church as God will continue to work in the hearts of those yielded to Him.  This church realizes that God raised them up for such a time as this and they will continue trust and obey Him as they walk with Him.