MLFC has vibrant and growing ministries for children, youth and young adults. God has helped us to reach many children and young people and to see their lives transformed in profound ways. Approximately 1,000 children and youth attend their own services each Sunday on our campus and while that is amazing, we have outgrown our existing facilities. God has favored MLFC with space on our land where we can continue to build more spaces for God’s mission and vision to take place. In 2018 we began to give towards the building of new facilities and broke ground on our new Chapel, Warehouses and a NextGen facilities that would house our children, youth, young adults and Rhema students. Our goal was to raise K34,000,000 for the campaign and we got total pledges of K41, 585, 040. This is an amazing testimony of what God can do when we trust Him. In the two years since this project began we have made great progress towards the buildings but  we still have a long way to go in relation with our giving. As a Church we believe that as we all honor our pledges, God will provide seed to the sower and bread to eat because He is our source.

Join The Campaign – PLEDGE!

God has a plan for His Curch to reach people in our generation and for generations to come. he calls us to allow our heart to be moved with what is important to Him.

God has promised to provide for our needs and also to supply funds so that we can give generously into His kingdom purposes. Please listen to your head and heart, and prayerfully consider the amount God wants you to contribute towards the new buildings at MLFC that will reach generations of believers for years to come. You can be a part of what God is doing for generation to come by making a pledge and giving towards the Building Together Influencing Generations campaign. Please fill in the form below.

Campaign Giving Options

You can give towards the Campaign using various options including Direct  Bank Deposit, Bank Transfer, Mobile Money via MTN, Airtel and Zamtel or Secure Giving Box in the Church lobby. Click this link for Campaign Giving Options

Progress report



This is where the main entrance, offices and the 3-4 year class are located. Installation of the ceiling in the Reception Lobby and the drywall partitions is complete and awaiting final painting. Installation of feature lighting, in the same space, will be starting soon. Assembly of the Reception and tea kitchen counters is in progress; we await installation of the sink and taps. The final exterior painting has started.


The North Block is where the classrooms, staff canteen and NextGen Hub will be located. The floor screed finish in the external passages and staircase has been completed while the ceiling in the passages is currently being installed. The generator has been delivered and installed and awaits final cable connections.



In the Chapel, the installation of the final timber is underway. The stage doors and skirting have been installed and fitting of the timber for the stage feature will commence shortly. Final painting and installation of electrical fittings are also in progress. In a few months, we will have Rhema classes, Alpha courses, Baptism, School for Life courses and many more life-changing activities take place in there. How awesome is that!


The Warehouses are now complete, pending connection of power to Warehouse 1 and final consultant inspections and handover procedures. This will be done once the area is certified fit for occupation. The large Warehouse was handed over a few months ago and is being used for storage as well as an interim canteen for our staff. We look forward to using these spaces for storage and more once they are completely handed over.



Paving of the NextGen access roads is in progress. A small section near the Warehouses remains to be paved. Landscaping work and paving outside the Chapel has also started and the stormwater drains around the Chapel have been dug out and lined with concrete. All of this progress continues to be made as you partner with God through your giving. Let us complete this great work together!


It’s time for us to move forward as a church and complete these buildings. We can’t afford to slow down with our giving. Our contractors are doing an excellent job and are moving very fast. Your selfless giving will help ensure the success of our building campaign because it will help us to make timely payments to our contractors.
We pray that your faith will be strengthened and have the confidence that God will continue to provide for all your needs. Therefore, be courageous and learn to trust God’s will even when you are not certain of what lies ahead.
If you need further information regards the building campaign or your pledge, please send an email to