MLFC has vibrant and growing ministries for children, youth and young adults. God has helped us to reach many children and young people and to see their lives transformed in profound ways. Approximately 1,000 children and youth attend their own services each Sunday in the classrooms at the back of our campus and while that is amazing, we now have a challenge. We have outgrown our existing facilities: we have split up classes and some age groups meet outside at times. While our staff, leaders and young people have been gracious and accommodating, we simply do not have the space for our present Church family and have no room for those God is adding to us. Because of God’s blessing, we are facing a crisis. The good news is there is a simple solution to the problem. God has favored MLFC with space on our land where we can continue to build more spaces for God’s mission and vision to take place. Now is our opportunity to touch generations of children, youth and young adults who will come after us.

Our goal was to raise K34,000,000 for the campaign and we are happy to report that the total pledge figure is K41, 585, 040. This is an amazing testimony of what God can do when we trust Him as a Church and we believe that as we all begin to honor our pledges, God will provide seed to the sower and bread to eat because He is our source.

Now that we have pledged what we will be giving towards the campaign, we encourage you to trust God and watch Him provide for you. As you pray and look to God for provision, we encourage you to listen to the 4 week series on Stewardship that outlined why we need new facilities and how we are going to trust God to help us by looking to Him as our source, valuing eternal investments and partnering with God to invest in future generations. The series is available for streaming on our website using this link as well as in the MLFC Bookshop.