Who we are

Thrive is a ministry at Miracle Life Family Church that aims to bring together, for fellowship, the unmarried adults between ages 31 and 45. We exist to provide a platform for adults to get to know Christ, continue to grow stronger in their relationship with Him and find validation in who Christ has created them to be. With this being achieved, adults will be motivated to face life with the confidence that God gives and add a valuable contribution to the world and other lives. Thrive is a place where you can fit in, express your uniqueness, enjoy activities that appeal to you and grow in the things of God together with people who are going through similar situations.

Why do this?

At Thrive, we have real people going through real issues, experiencing real challenges and celebrations. We provide a forum where adults will come together and be accepted, challenged and encouraged in the things of God.

We believe that adults are tasked to make a difference in the world through their lifestyle, careers and interactions. For this reason, we aim to encourage adults to stand out and embrace the role that God has called them to fulfill so that God is glorified through their lives.

When and Where?

Thrive has monthly meetings that typically fall on the third Friday of the month. Our meetings are held from 18:30 to 20:30.