This is for couples that have been married for 12 years or less and is for people that are transitioning from being newly-weds to being first time parents all the way to parents of pre-teens. It is a place where you can find people in a similar stage of life that are learning and growing in their marriage; they have experienced marriage’s ups and downs just like any other young couple.

We have four major events in the year beginning with our Maintaining the Sparkle Conference where we take time to discuss one major issue affecting young couples such as finances, conflict or parenting. The conference is followed by our Partners For Life Sports Day which encourages partnership and fitness among couples. Next we have an outdoor Picnic Retreat which helps couples relax and enhance romance in their relationships. Lastly, we end the year with the Always and Forever Dinner where couples can take a break and look forward to the coming year while taking a light moment to enjoy each other’s company.