Serving at Miracle Kids

We are always looking for Life Team members in children’s church. Working in children’s church is a great opportunity – especially for guys – to serve as a role model. If you are interested in serving, please see any of the staff members in the children’s department offices located behind the containers beyond the classrooms. Areas of service include:


These are Life Team members aged 18 and above, who share the gospel with the children who come to Miracle Kids. They make a yearly commitment to serve. They serve every Sunday of the year either in the first or second service. They are given a lesson a week before it is due to be taught so that they may go familiarize themselves with it. They then teach with other Life Team members, each teacher handling a section of the lesson. Teachers also facilitate and participate in games, worship, and fun days that may feature special activities.

Teen Helpers:

These are Life Team members aged 15 to 17 years. They also make a yearly commitment to serve every Sunday either in the first or second service. Their main responsibility is to help the teachers execute Sunday sermons smoothly. Their duties include signing in kids, escorting them to the bathrooms, keeping time and managing the children.

Weekly Volunteers:

These Life Team members commit hours of their time during the week to help with preparations for Sunday, including craft preparations, documentation, washing cups, general cleaning, etc. They serve a full day or a half day from Monday to Thursday, depending on their schedule.

Our goal is to incorporate fun into everything we do. After all, God is the Creator of FUN and Miracle Kids is where faith and fun come to life. We are glad you get to be a part of this!

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