Who we are

We believe that no heart is too young for God to touch, and we want each child at MLFC to have a growing, vibrant relationship with Jesus. When children hear how much God loves them, they cannot help but want to learn more.

What we teach

We use a fun and creative environment to teach children engaging Bible lessons. We demonstrate how to apply biblical truths to their everyday lives and equip them to have a strong relationship with God. We engage all of their senses and allow them to enjoy a unique and personal encounter with the One who loves them the best. All this is done in a language and setting designed just for them.

When and where

Miracle Kids classes open 15 minutes before Sunday services begin. First service begins at 08:00 hours and second service at 10:30 hours. Children who arrive 30 minutes after the service start time unfortunately will be unable to participate and must accompany their parents to the main service. So please bring your children to class early!


Our program is designed to share God’s love and His Word in an age-appropriate, hands-on way. Each week we use interactive music, puppets, games, crafts, and creative dramas to illustrate biblical truths to these developing hearts and minds.