So you’re planning an outreach? Kudos to you and your Connection Group! We are certain your lives will not be the same again – there’s something enriching and absolutely fulfilling about reaching out in love to others in need, we were created for this.

In order to ascertain the needs of the place you wish to visit, go ahead and click this LINK below to complete the Needs Assessment. Once the form is completed and submitted, one of us will be in touch to let you know whether or not your proposal has been successful and guide you on next steps.

One more thing! Once all the paperwork is done and your CG has carried out an approved outreach activity, CLICK HERE to complete your Outreach Report. We promise that’s the last of the admin we’ll need you to do…until your next outreach that is! Be sure to have three people who participated in the activity complete the form within 24 hours of the outing (we would like the information of your outreach while it is still fresh and vivid in your minds).

Thanks CG Leader, you are awesome!