Then working at MLFC will ensure that you maximise your impact at a church that seeks to share Christ, mature believers and change the world. We at MLFC are very clear about our mandate, and we express this in the way we recruit, manage, and develop our employees.

Our vision states that “We see a blazing light coming from Lusaka, Zambia. This light is a church named Miracle Life Family Church. We have seen its future brightness with God. It is a future that must come to pass and will come to pass. And we invite you to see this bright future with us. This is what this church looks like.” The brightness of this light is realized as people work here, whether as volunteers or on the staff team. We believe as you work for MLFC, you contribute to the realization of this vision.

What is it like to work at MLFC?

MLCF is a fast-paced environment, where the drive for excellence runs through everything we do. We are passionate about delivering services at very high standards. As an employee or volunteer, you will work in an environment where your leaders give clear direction and provide the necessary tools for you to do your very best.

What are some of the benefits of working at MLFC?

MLFC will stretch your skills and develop areas that you may not have discovered. Testimonials from our former and current employees reveal that the drive for excellence means that to achieve the best you must be prepared to put in all that you have. In exchange, you experience ongoing learning. If you are willing to learn, then MLFC may be a place for you.

There are lots of benefits, and we do our very best to look after our talent. But the bigger picture is the knowledge that what you do on a daily basis contributes to the mission and vision of MLFC, which in turn touches and changes the lives of individuals in Lusaka and beyond.

How can I get information about vacancies?

Vacancies will always be posted on our website and advertised during Sunday services. We, however, also carry out headhunting to ensure that we are getting the best people from a wider pool.

How do I apply for a job at MLFC?

Please view the Job Descriptions at the bottom of the page and complete this Employment Application Form. We require applicants to complete the form demonstrating how their experience and knowledge meet the criteria. We also ask that a CV is attached as part of the application. The application should be accompanied by a well-written cover letter that serves as an “executive summary” of your application. Email your CV, cover letter and completed Employment Application Form to

Selection Process

The selection process includes tests, interviews, and, in most cases, a period to test your experience and skills on the job. We want to ensure that you are the right fit for MLFC and that MLFC is right for you.


We currently do not have any vacancies.