So we tell others about Christ, warning everyone with all the wisdom God has given us.
We want to present them to God, perfect in their relationship to Christ.
—Colossians 1:28

School for Life is a series of biblical, transformational courses that equip, train, and develop our members. Our purpose is to transform believers into disciples, bringing them to spiritual and personal maturity, as they are equipped for ministry and reach their full potential and destiny in God.

The Essentials 101

Membership Class—3 hour class

Membership class is held on a Saturday afternoon and is scheduled at various times throughout the year. The class will give you the information you need to make an informed decision about membership at Miracle Life. You will hear from the heart of the senior pastor and have an opportunity to ask questions about the various aspects of the church and its vision and mission.

Getting Started—6 hour course

Getting Started is designed for new believers and maturing believers to experience the love of God, to have assurance in their standing before God, and develop a solid relationship with the Father.

The Essentials 201

Ministry of Helps—4 hour course

At Miracle Life we believe that every member is a minister and, has a role in the body of Christ. This course equips believers to serve in the church the biblical way. It paints a picture of true servanthood and also places high value on how we work as a team.

The Essentials 301

Unique Design—6 hour course

You are uniquely designed by God for a purpose. You are called to be a part of the ultimate mandate of the Church, the Great Commission. Come and realize this distinct purpose for your life through this course! Learn how to use your unique design to play a role in Christ’s Church.

The Essentials 401

Biblical Foundations—8 hour course

We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God. We believe that God is one but expressed in three persons: Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. These are some of the building blocks that make up the foundation of what we believe. The objective of this course is to ensure that members have a working knowledge of the Bible for themselves. It is built around the statement of faith of Miracle Life Family Church.

Submission & Authority—2 hour course

God has established a divine order by which He expects us to live and conduct our lives. His word is our guide in all matters relating to authority. This course will help you understand how to relate to authority and how to stand in positions of authority.

Go Deeper Curriculum

School for Life provides courses that go further than our core curriculum to help members grow more and get grounded in the Word of God. These courses are not mandatory, though certain ministries may require their leaders or team members to attend some of them.

Growth Seminars

Growth seminars are part of the Go Deeper curriculum. They are three (3) hour intensive classes, set at varying dates in the year. They are taught by both international and local speakers who have substantial experience in a particular area.

*Seminars are scheduled for either Saturday mornings or Saturday afternoons; very rarely on a Sunday afternoon.

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