Miracle Life Family Church offers members premarital counseling and the opportunity to be wed in the church.

Our premarital counseling team is ready to guide engaged couples into a Christ-centered relationship, walking beside them and offering resources in preparation for what lies ahead. The team leads a ten-week premarital counseling class and one-on-one counselling sessions that run concurrently with the classes and all these are mandatory for all couples planning to be married by Miracle Life pastors.

The ten-week class helps engaged couples explore God’s design for marriage. This interactive course is offered three times a year and utilizes personal assessments as well as couple and group interaction.


  • Biblical View of Marriage
  • Leaving and cleaving (Dealing with in-laws and external influences)
  • Understanding our differences vs our expectations of each other in marriage
  • Love, respect and submission
  • Communication and conflict resolution
  • Roles, responsibilities and decision making
  • Financial management
  • Sex and intimacy

The premarital counselling classes are offered 3 times a year. This is preceded by an announcement in Church. Submit your completed application form online before the indicated deadline. You will both be invited for an interview with church authorities within 2 weeks of submitting your application.


  • Both of you MUST be born again Christians.
  • Both or either one of you must be a member of MLFC for at least 1 year
  • Both or either must be an active member of a Connection Group for at least 1 year
  • Neither one of you should be a minor (below 18 years).
  • The church will only marry single persons
  • Only couples that are male and female will be accepted for counselling.
  • Both should be able to attend all counselling sessions together
  • The man should have sought the woman’s hand in marriage from her family, and an agreement reached.
  • Set your wedding date only after you have been interviewed and accepted for counselling.
  • It is preferable that you give us six months’ notice for the wedding.
  • Miracle Life Family Church will not conduct weddings on the following days:
    • Fridays, Public Holidays & Sundays
  • Miracle Life Family Church will not conduct a wedding for any couple that will not have completed the prescribed premarital counselling program as arranged by the church.