School for Life (SFL) exists to mature believers and prepare them for Christian service through the delivery of an excellent Bible based curriculum. It is the training Ministry of Miracle Life Family Church (MLFC), that equips one to take the next step in their spiritual journey with God and at Miracle Life Family Church. SFL guides Christians through the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to grow, serve and lead in the body of Christ. It develops Christian perspectives and convictions. The SFL curriculum is intended to lead the believer to discover what God has deposited inside them.

Opportunities for serving are:


This team provides information about SFL and facilitates registration for all courses and seminars offered by SFL and membership classes. It is the face of SFL that most people will see. When you serve on this team, you will be on the SFL table in the foyer on Sundays when scheduled to serve and give information to people on the courses we offer, and help them sign up for the various courses during the registration period.


This team of people ushers people into classes and hands them the necessary items required for their lessons, such as notes and the attendance register.  Overall, they facilitate all classes.  When you join this team, you will help us make the classes run smoothly.


Members of this team are responsible for monitoring current programs and facilitators, as well as evaluating the impact and effectiveness of courses and recommending ways for improvement.


These are individuals that spare time during the week to prepare documents/notes for classes, Membership Application Forms and so on. Assistants can also opt to assist with other administrative roles in the Department.  We endeavour to work with individuals no matter what level of commitment they can make because large or small everyone’s contribution is important.