Merge Young Adults

Who we are

Merge is all about high energy, deep relationships and great exploits, and it is designed specifically for unmarried young adults age 19 to 29. Everything we do at Merge ensures that young adults in our church grow in relationship with God – seeing themselves and others the way God sees them. We want to see young adults who build strong Christian friendships, are equipped to fulfill the great commission, and are established in their identity so that they make a difference in the world.

Merge is a place where you can fit in, express your uniqueness, enjoy activities that appeal to you and grow in the things of God together with people who are going through similar struggles.

Why do this?

At Merge, young adults learn to love and trust God; they are taught to love themselves and how to express love to others around them. Through interactive activities and small group discussions, they form deep relationships and face challenges together. With God’s Word and encouragement from fellow young adults, each person is able to develop and pour into someone else. Through high energy worship, we connect to God more and as we get closer to Him, we are set ablaze to go out and accomplish great things in His name.

When and Where?

Merge meets weekly every Sunday  from 13:00 to 14:30 hours.